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See & Hear Us Play 2022 

Update 9th January 2022

We started rehearing again from 7th September 2021 at our new venue in Kilmington (just outside Axminster).

We only have one confirmed booking so far for 2022. Others are in the pipeline:

Come along to Beer on Sunday March 6th 2022 to see and hear us play at the Grizzly. No it’s not a venue it’s a running race which starts in Seaton. We’re in Beer to help encourage the runners on what is a really tough annual event which attracts runners from Europe as well as the UK, raising money for charities. You think the London Marathon is tough…. you’ve seen nothing yet! You’ll find some details for this event from 2019 below

As soon as we have any more details we’ll post them here. Just for the record I’ve left our cancelled diary for 2020 below and the details from 2019 to give you an idea of who we are.

If you think a saxophone choir would help your event then please go to the contact page on this website and talk to us. Thanks

Keep safe

Our very sad diary for 2020:

8th March – Grizzly at Beer (Sea Front 10:30am – 1130 a.m.)
We first met for an early breakfast. The weather looked threatening with wind and rain
in the forecast. We decided to go ahead without a canopy (just too windy). All went well and we were able to donate our playing money to a local charity.

23/03/20 – CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN  and restrictions – you know the rest
However as individual sections altos, tenors etc. we’ve been meeting on-line to see
how we might improve on some areas in some pieces in our repertoire.

8th April – Music Room,  Sidholme Hotel Sidmouth11:00am – 1200 Noon – Cancelled

10th April  (Good Friday) – Marine Theatre Lyme Regis – Cancelled
( 4:00pm – 4:45pm & 5:00pm – 5:45pm)
Beer festival!)

10th May VE Day Celebration in Seaton – Cancelled
(12:00Noon – 12:45pm & 2:00pm – 2:45pm)
(75th anniversary celebrations)

4th June The Minster Church in Axminster (12:30pm – 13:00) – Cancelled
We’ve been asked back to play at one of their ‘Lunch Time Concerts’
It’s their 36th season of these concerts. Very popular with local and visitors. It’s free, but get there early!

4th July – Dalwood Music Day.  (Early afternoon) –Cancelled
(An annual festival in Dalwood Village, Devon )

11th July – Saxminster at Lyme Regis  Performance Area –Cancelled 
(11:00am – 12:00Noon & 1:30pm – 2:30pm)
(Our own fun gig of the year  – free to visitors to Lyme Regis we even provide seats to sit and come & go)

Some Venues/ Gigs from the previous year – 2019 (or what we really got up to in our most recent playing season)!

Grizzily  at Beer on Sunday March 10th 2019
Last year we were ‘snowed off’ playing at the Grizzily. Beaten by the snow and ice. Hopefully we thought we would be better prepared this year (forecast  is windy and wet). Keeping hold of our music and music stands while trying to play we knew would be interesting!!!!

AND IT WAS SO…… was it windy!. Trying to hold down two gazebos, music stands and our music tested us to the mettle. Well done Ali for keeping us together and keeping us going. We’ve had some very appreciative comments on our efforts and playing. Breakfast at a local hostelry before we started was very enjoyable.

What is the Grizzly? To find out CLICK HERE

But here’s a taster

This year Ali (our musical director) had to pull out of the (fun???) event due to injury, so she took to  conducting us. Ali even threatened to play one of her saxophones while conducting us and holding on to her own music (alas it didn’t happen). Instead of a performance fee for playing in Beer for the Grizzly Run our monies were sent to ARC (Axminster Recovery with Counselling).

May 2019 – Concert at Millbrook Village Exeter

We were invited back to play at Millbrook Village Exeter at a Bar-B-Q event on Thursday 23rd May. Quite a night! – all went well until the smoke from the BBQ turned against us -we should have played ‘Smoke Gets in your Eyes’ – one for next year (maybe). Thank you Millbrook it was a great evening and your hospitality was superb.

June 2019 – Lunch Time Concert at the Minster (Axminster)

We were invited back to play a Lunch Time Concert at the Minster (Axminster). This is their 35th season. These concerts are always popular with local residents and visitors. The packed audience seemed to enjoy with our set. The acoustics really allow our sound to flow.

The purpose of these concerts is to support young musicians and local performers alike, as well as encouraging all those who are working towards specific musical goals.

Saxminster’s end of year ‘Play for Fun’ July 2019

This is our annual wrap for the 2018/19 season. As usual this was at Lyme Regis on the sea front (Saturday 13th July). It a time when we can let our hair down (at least a little bit). We put out chairs and anyone is free to come along to sit, stand , walk on, dance etc. and generally come to enjoy with us our music and our playing. We had some good audiences both for the morning and afternoon sets. It’s was free, has seating and is very popular with locals and holiday visitors. Yes you had a chance to hear us twice!. If you missed it watch out for this event in next year’s calendar.

We usually add  a group picture here, but this year our photographer firstly had other ideas!

It’s just so “S’Wonderful’

Funny that…..  we just happened to be playing that song…………………..

I’ve just got time for quick 40 winks between number’s”

And finally – this is how hard we really work……..

Everything is put into our music – including the kitchen sink!

We can’t end without a group picture or two from our Lyme Regis day

Seaton Park Run – Saturday 21st December 2019

Carols galore!

Thanks Ali, Norman & Jon for a really great year!

Our website!

Do you know that SAXMINSTER is East Devon’s own Saxophone Choir. We only play saxophones, and despite the  title of a choir, we do not sing as it would be a little difficult to sing with a saxophone mouthpiece in one’s mouth. This website will tell you all about the music we play, where we play,  how to join us, how to hire us, how to contact us,  give you a flavour of past and future events and one or two other things about us.

Rehearsals for 2021 will now start in September 2020 with a set of rules to keep us, our rehearsal venue and others Covid safe. We will be working on new pieces to add to our significant repertoire and dust off some of the older numbers to put together our 2021 playlist.  Any new members will be made welcome and we will be building our diary of events for 2021. Hopefully they will not have to be cancelled due to coronavirus and lockdowns.

If you think you might be interested in joining us, or wish to engage us to play at an event, please go to the ‘contact’ page and drop us a line and whatever the subject we will always be pleased to hear from you.